Saturday, 31 March 2018

Patricia Bright Lands Cover of British Glamour

When I read the announcement on Twitter that Youtuber star, Patricia bright had landed the cover of British Glamour magazine I was both amazed and in awe. From the age of 15/16 I have been a lover of Glamour so to see a young black african woman living in London (like myself) gracing the cover of an international magazine is astonishing and very rare! She has been in the Youtube game for a few years and she certainly deserves the rewards of her hard work. From growing a loyal fansbase and being one the earliest 'Youtube Gurus', to creating a sustainable career for herself.

Generally speaking the black youtube scene is doing insanly well right now from collaborating with world renowned brands, creating independent businesses, developing indivual brands. There honestly has never been a better time to be a black 'creative' (as they call it). For those who have been glued to their screens watching Patricia from her early days on youtube I am sure her success and will encourage them and smaller youtubers to remain dedicated to their channels and continue to put out quality content which their audience will enjoy plugging into. She deserves all the success which comes her way. I pray she continues to thrive and flourish in all she pursues.❤

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