Thursday, 9 November 2017

Book Review: Self-esteem and Confidence By Honor Head

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Head says: 
book looks at aspects of low self esteem and confidence including body image, bullying and the effect of social media. It includes tips for ways to become more assertive and boost confidence. 

In the book the reader is encouraged to remember that self esteem is changeable. Read mentions that you are not born with self esteem, it is something that gradually comes along with our experiences in life. So that means if one month you're not feeling your best, you can alter the way you feel! It may not be an overnight process but gradually over with time it is very much possible! 

My favourite chapter in the book is Love Being You which talks about embracing our differences and acknowledging how these make us unique as individuals. Head also mentions the reality of how powerful social media can be and how one may feel inadequate as we are faced with images of flawless and immaculate looking figures living glamorous lifestyles. Believe it or not famous figures also have issues of their own which is why it is important not to idolise and obsess over anyone. No one is living a perfect life despite what we see in the media. We all have struggles at the end of the day. 

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