Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Why I'm tired of "Your 20s are For..." statements

I feel as though there is a lot of unnecessary pressure to accomplish so much within a limited space for people who are in their 20s. There is nothing wrong with having personal goals that you wish to accomplish but there is really no need to project those expectations on to other people. Some people want to focus on themselves and build a successful career whereas others may want to travel or consider starting a family. Everyone has different aspirations at the end of the day. Person A may want something different to Person B and that is completely fine!

I do not like the fact people presume because I am a certain age I should be striving to meet a milestone which I have never claimed wanting to reach. For example, because I am 20 Years old I should be looking for a man??? LOL😌. The reality is that I have SO much growing to do(emotionally and spiritually) and that is simply not one of my priorities right now and it doesn't particularly concern me either. Relationships are not to be taken lightly therefore, if, and when I am ready to enter one, it will be at the right time for ME.

My advice to myself and everyone in their 20s is to enjoy yourself, set and work towards your own goals and not allow the pressure of what others expect of you to deter you from your path

Let your 20s be about whatever you want them to be about, not what other people say they should be.


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