Tuesday, 17 October 2017

What Does it Mean to Be Yourself?

One word of encouragement some of us are given is to live a life of authenticity whether that is building a brand, starting a new venture or entering a new relationship. Everyone is quick to shout, "BE YOURSELF", but what does that even mean? There is no one way to answer that question because we are multi facetted, complex individuals who should not be restricted to one definition. It is not fair to be restricted to what society defines this as. Most times when people say to be yourself, what they really mean is... Be yourself BUT only if I approve, we are always given conditions. This caused me to create my own list (not exhaustive so feel free to add your own ideas) of my own definitions of what it means to be yourself:
  • Accepting that you have flaws and realising that is what makes you who you are
  • Acknowledging you may not fit in with others and not allowing that to negatively affect your mood or character.
  • Playing towards your strengths and knowing how to make improvements in your weaker points
  • Being honest with yourself 
  • Being confident in your abilities and your potential 
  • Appreciating your skills and qualities
  • Owning your personal experiences whether good or bad.
  • Standing firm in your morals, beliefs, values, boundaries and standards


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