Monday, 18 September 2017

Sun Kisses by Lynda Beaver

Poor Emily! She has been picked on at school for something she can't control... and it's written all over her face and body. Through the help of mom's quick thinking and imaginative story telling, she is able to help put Emily's mind at ease and help her realize how beautiful she is through a fable about the sun. A wonderful story about a mother's love, her daughter's courage, and teaching us ALL to find our beauty. 

Sun Kisses is a story of acceptance and dealing with unkind behaviour from people you are surrounded surrounded by. It sends an important message to children to love what they may consider to be flaws and make them aware that their differences are what makes them special. When I was younger I would always hear my teachers say that if we all looked the same, the world would be boring! And its completely true. 
I would recommend this book to young girls who are struggling to accept their natural beauty.

Parents and guardians should make the best effort they can to speak life and positivity into their children to that when they encounter mean people, they already have a firm understand in of their identity. Emily's mum is assuring and encourages Emily that she is beautiful just the way she is and that is exactly what kids need to hear!

A lot of children grow up feeling they cannot speak to anyone and harbour all their emotions which is unhealthy. Sun Kisses is a great example of highlighting the importance of building a strong mother-daughter relationship.

A fantastic read with for kids and parents to bond over!

Sun Kisses is available to order now on amazon.

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