Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Book Review: Meet Mya and Family By Jenelle Brew

Meet the cheeky, confident and curious, Mya, a six year old with a lot to say. Join her and her larger than life family for some of Mya's favourite foods at Sunday lunch in the first of the My Young Adventure series.

Firstly I would like to draw attention to the beautifully detailed illustrations which are truly representative of Mya's vibrant and cheerful personality. She lives the life of a regular young girl. She plays, she dances, she laughs, she jokes around. Often in black children's books there usually seems to be a recurring  theme surrounding race or hair issues which are necessary to discuss however, we don't normally get the luxury of reading about black girls with who have had happy childhoods (Brew also mentioned this briefly as one of her motivations for writing the book). Sometimes it feels like if we don't talk about coming from a rough or unstable backgrounds our stories are not valid enough to tell which is wrong.

It is equally as important to have hard hitting issues discussed as it is black girls leading regular everyday lives like Mya.

The blurb is made slightly trickier to read as it is written is on the surface of a dark coloured flower design with dark dark writing however there is not much to read. I would recommend next time using contrasting colours or simply using a less detailed design to accompany the blurb.

Mya represents all the young, carefree children who simply love spending quality time with their family. The book teaches parents how a happy home life can contribute to the emotional well being over all happiness of their child.

This book is perfect for all the young little girls everywhere.

Meet Mya is available to purchase now at Waterstones.


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