Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Magazine Cover Review: Jourdan Dunn X GLAMOUR Magazine

In April 2017 Jourdan Dunn sported the cover of Glamour magazine and did so effortlessly. Jourdan looks laidback and carefree. Now I know April was a few months back but I love this cover so much so I had to write about it! Jourdan is a natural beauty who takes effortless photos. The contrast of blue and black works really well with her skin tone and she is looks rather laid back and chilled in her pose.

For some reason I didn't buy myself an issue of the mag when it had initially came out (only God knows why). I mentally slapped myself for not buying a copy when it was available in stores, I honestly cannot remember why I did not get one whilst I had the opportunity to do so.

I have enjoyed reading glamour since school days so it was nice to finally see someone who looks like myself on the cover. I vividly remember my school friend placing a copy of her magazine on the table and asking her if I could read her copy and ever since it has always been one of my go to magazines to read.

It is rare to see black women on the cover of mainstream publications such as Glamour and Cosmo however, we are in a period in society where the lack of diversity is openly spoken about alot more and as a result becoming embraced and this will hopefully lead to greater changes in the near future.

Jourdan did a great job with this cover and I know she will continue to flourish and succeed further on into her career.


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