Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Book Review: From Black Boy with Love by Lawrence Lindell

Lindell says:
This book is for all the girls of color across the world who have been made to feel uncomfortable in their own skin. You are life, you are important and you matter.

What I love most about this book is that it is written by a black man from the perspective of a young black boys affirming their appreciation for black girls. It is just refreshing to see a book from a male perspective celebrating the beauty and essence of the black girl. We are living in a period where black girls are beginning to love themselves fearlessly so this book really could not have come at a better time.

Black Boy with love is a book  which encourages both black boys and
and young girls to speak positive self affirmations to themselves and view themselves as unique and beautiful people they are. It encourages boys to respect them and not see their skin colour as some thing to be ashamed of.

Lindell tweeted to one of his followers that it is NOT just a book to be read by children. He stated that he would love women to know its just as much for them as it is the younger audience. I'm glad that he mentioned that because children's books do not have to only be enjoyed by children alone. Both young and old people can enjoy picture books at their own leisure. I used to feel silly for still liking children's books but I don't care anymore. I like what I like at the end of the day.

From Black Boy With Love feels alot like a book of self affirmtations.
My favourite 'affirmation' in the book was,
"Your nose, lips and shape are amazing". Growing up around mainly caucasian these were some of the features which always made me different from them which made me more self conscious about my appearance. When you're surrounded by people who don't look like you it suddenly makes you alot more self aware and conscious of what you look like.

Lindell clearly genuinely cares about each customer because he had attached a personal note which added a nice personal touch. If only all authors were able to do this! It is time consuming especially if your book is popular, so I understand but it definitely is appreciated.

Black Boy with Love is available to purchase here.


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