Thursday, 6 July 2017

20 Things I Have Learned in 20 Years (PART 2)

11) Worrying about what people think of you is a waste of time. Not everyone will understand the way you are. Stop feeling like you have to explain yourself every time.

12) Procrastinating and making excuses are only a hindrance to your growth.

13) If you can do it now, do it NOW. Later May become never.

14) Perhaps if you stopped looking + comparing your life to others you would be able to focus on your goals & achieve what You want.

15) Good things take time. Jordan Peele worked on the script for Get Out for 5 years and look at the success of the movie today.

16) Put God first, and actually do it. You need him more than anyone else.

17) When you speak, do so with boldness and conviction.

18) Your character shouldn't change based on how others have treated you.

19) Even when a situation looks hopeless, don't lose hope.

20) Live life at your own pace. 

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