Thursday, 8 June 2017

Book Review: Love Thy Fro By Casey Alisha

I always enjoyed reading books when I was much younger but I feel like I missed out because I never used to read as much as I would have liked to and wasn't able to buy all the cool books the kids in my class would read so I guess I'm making up for that now.

As soon as I saw the book cover online for Love Thy Fro, I instantly knew I had to get it. Kemi, the main character, is a confident young girl with a huge a huge smile and loves showing off her voluminous curly hair.
Love Thy Fro teaches young black girls to embrace their curls in its natural state. It teaches young girls that natural hair is not something to be ashamed of but some thing to be celebrated. This is the type of book I would read my five year old daughter after getting getting ready for school or a good night story book.
Hair doesn't define an individual however for a lot of girls hair is a way of expressing their individuality and simply something fun to play around with and the book shows how versatile and fun Afro-Caribbean hair can be. You can even find  new styles and play around with what you have in the book.
There are several hairstyles to draw inspiration from and have a play around with on your own child or any younger female relatives you have.
I genuinely wish I had been to exposed to books that represent girls that looked like myself. I bought another copy for a little girl I know and she said she loved it and has read it several times, and I don't blame her!

"Love Thy From is about a young girl called Kemi who absolutely loves her beautiful, big, curly afro hair! A simple book with a simple message, the aim is to teach girls the importance of loving themselves and embracing their "non-typical" hair from a young age."

Love Thy Fro is available to order here.

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