Monday, 18 July 2016


One of the most common questions asked to many students studying English at degree level is, "do you want to become a teacher?" I have no idea why people automatically think to ask this but that's just how it is. Teaching is certainly not the only career path that one may follow after graduation. 
An English degree can open up the door to an endless amount of opportunities. Because it doesn't necessarily lead directly into one career path, English students are often spoilt in regarding what career they can choose to pursue. There are plenty of options available.

I am currently studying English Literature and I hope to pursue a career in the social care sector. I plan on taking on work placements & voluntary work in social care settings to ensure that I develop the appropriate employability skills and become a more rounded graduate. English graduates can pursue careers ranging from teaching, journalism, publishing, law, marketing & PR and many more!
If you do opt for a vocational career, there is a chance you will have to study for a postgraduate degree (1/2 years depending on course) or may decide to apply for a graduate scheme which often last up to two years.

English is not a vocation course therefore you will need to have some work experience under your belt. It is not enough to simply have a degree because employers want to see evidence of potential employees who are proactive in the choices they have made and are passionate about the field they are about to enter. During the holidays (Easter, Christmas, summer) I would strongly advise English students to carry out experience in fields they may be interested in.

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