Thursday, 14 April 2016


Inspiration: someone or something that gives you ideas for doing something.

Imagination, creativity, individuality, revelation, timely/brilliant idea, originality, finesse, visions

Take a moment to pause and really think about what inspires you. What fuels you. What encourages you. What motivates you.

Sometimes I find myself looking to other people for ideas.. seeing what next project they are launching, how they are pursuing their goals and so much to the point I forget about the duties I must perform in my own life and it can become incredibly unhealthy.

Some of us looking to other people for that great business plan or creative idea when creativity is what we are surrounded by on a daily basis. There is so much to be inspired by all the time if you carefully tune your mind and heart to see those things.

Another thing is that inspiration is not always external, at times you need to look within yourself.
Below are a list of some of the ways which I find inspiration and I hope this can help you in some way too.

- Nature 
- Conversations
- Poetry/quotes 
- Observing others - I have a tendency to stare at people in public - a bad habit, I know)
- Content I share/retweet on my Twitter timeline.
- Goals & dreams I wish to pursue in the future 
- Thoughts/feelings & emotions. 

Search all around you. Inspiration really is everywhere. 


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