Thursday, 24 March 2016



Spend less time on social media:
If you're a little weird like me and do your coursework/revision on your mobile phone, log out out of all your social media apps, turn your whatsapp notifications off and only use the apps that are essential during studying. I know for a fact if I didn't have any social media accounts (Twitter) I definitely have the potential to be more productive with my time. 

Get a planner/diary: Again if you are anything like me and don't consider yourself to be a highly organised individual, get yourself a planner and write down all your important pieces of work/deadlines etc. I sometimes forget to look at my diary so have a think about putting reminders on your phone.

Make a to do list:
Make it short and snappy. Writing a long to do list is just inviting failure because you probably know you won't be able to fit everything in for that day. Write down the most important and tick/cross them off as you go complete each one.

Listen to music:
Put on some soothing instrumentals in the background. Playing heavy/ upbeat music will only make you want to sing along and as a result slow you down. You can't go wrong with some smoothing gospel tunes or a light instrumentals playing in the background.

Envision the goal:
Picture the end goal in your mind Imagine in your mind: high grades, the feeling of satisfaction after working so hard. Don't allow present discomfort from achieving you full potential.


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