Sunday, 21 February 2016


One of the most unique and creative ways you can walk in your purpose is by showcasing and displaying your talent (s). Unfortunately not everyone is aware or even believes that they are talented in some way. However it is written in scripture that each and every one of us has been blessed with a talent (1 Peter 4:10). Some of us fail to realise this because we either do not exercise them or simply have not discovered them just yet.

Many people are under the impression that a talent is something that must come naturally to us or we must be exceedingly skilled at. Whilst there is some truth to this, these are a couple of definitions that popped up in the dictionary.

(1) a special, often creative ability
(2) having or showing great ability at a particular activity

It is also possible to have more than one talent and if there is something you want to excel in then get practising! If you want to be a great cook, practice recipes in the comfort of your home or start going to cooking lessons. If you want to become an articulate speaker, observe your favourite teachers & preachers watch motivational and public speeches on YouTube.

Talents can come from a creative aspect including be dancing, singing, playing an instrument i.e piano or guitar, acting, hair & beauty, painting and the list goes on. You may be academically talented: great at science, maths, geography and so forth.

How can one discover a talent?

Below are some questions that you may want to ask yourself if you are searching for your talent:

Ask yourself :
(1) What type of activities do you enjoying taking part in?
(2) What have you previously enjoyed doing that you have given up on?
(3) What do you do in your spare time?
(4)How would you describe yourself in 5 words

Although some questions may say seem a bit off topic at first for finding your talent, they will help you to gather more information about your personality, attributes and who you are as an individual which may offer you a better insight to take further steps into finding a talent.

Once you have found what you are great at, exercise its use to ensure you become the best at it as you can possibly be. Do it whole heartedly and do not forget to thank God for bestowing this gift into your life not only to increase your personal happiness but to also be of benefit to other individuals. You never know you may be an inspiration to somebody else to get involved in that same talent!

Every individual has something to contribute in this world.

Once you use your talents for the benefit of others, God will only continue to place more blessings in your life!

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